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How global warming affects us


This summer the temperatures are very high. Of course this is because of the global warming. Because of this the climates are changing in the whole world. The temperatures are becoming higher and higher. The reason of this is that people are using a lot of vehicles and that other machines that produces fossil fuels. Because of this the carbon dioxide level is rising. Also because of deforestation. This means that people cut down a lot of plants. So, the plants can no longer make oxygen of carbon dioxide.

Another problem is that the sea lever is becoming higher, because of the high temperatures. The ice caps are melting what means that there is a lot more water. This lead to floods which cause a lot of damage in cities. Also the high temperatures result to forest fires and this is not helping with the problem of the increasing amount of carbon dioxide.

Also the high temperatures means that people use a lot more water. But it is raining less often. So the water supplies do run out. Through this it is more difficult to have a good crop, because the plants need more water but there is less water available.

All in all, it is a downward spiral. But you can solve the problem a little bit by buy water pump. A self-priming pump can suck water by means of a suction hose. This means that you use less water what is better for the planet earth. Because at one point the water will be out of stock and this will be a huge problem for everyone. If the plants are in need of water, because it did not have rain for a while, you can use a water pump for lawn irrigation. This pump is used for irrigating garden and lawns. And it is also very fuel-efficient. So do not hesitate and buy a water pump!