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Transport and Transportation

Easy and efficient EU transport

Do you need to transport your goods within the EU? When you are considering outsourcing this job to another company, it is important you can trust them. That is why you should choose Y&O. This is the transport company that treats your goods as if they were their own. Completely unburdening you and being at your service in a quick and efficient manner is their mission. They do anything to make you happy, even if you have a last-minute request. For example, do you need air, ground, or maritime transport to somewhere in the EU by next week? Just ask the professional staff members about the possibilities!

Transporting goods under strict restrictions is their expertise

Y&O has over twelve years of experience and is aware of the current restrictions and rules for your goods. Therefore, they offer specialized transportation. So, if you have medical and health products, dangerous, chemical goods, or food supplies, they have got the answers about their transportation. They know about all the restrictions considering packaging and transport within the EU. You do not have to worry about reading the complete rule book and can save time by outsourcing your EU transport to Y&O. Are you in need of special documents for customs? This company takes care of it.

Request a quotation

Do you have a special request, a question or remark, or do you want to talk to a staff member about the endless possibilities? Please do not hesitate to call Y&O, send them an email, or visit their website to immediately request a quotation. These door-to-door experts are happy to unburden and provide help as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you can go on with business as usual without any worries. After all, as Y&O always says: the world of logistics never sleeps!