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A 5D bend: five times larger than a standard bend

When your pipeline will handle corrosive substance or will be constructed in a corrosive environement, then your project will need a 5D bend. This is a bend with a radius that is five times larger than a standard bend. Because of this, it is better suited for these kind of projects, as it has a high corrosion resistance. However, since a 5D bend is so much larger than a standard bend, they are generally only produced on demand. Luckily, you can find these products available in stock at PipingMarket.eu. They have many differet types of bends within their stock.

Cunifer alloy for off-shore projects

Are you looking for a metal alloy that can resist seawater? Then cunifer alloy may be the right choice for your. This alloy consists of copper (Cu), nickel (Ni) and iron (Fe). This is where it derives the name cunifer from. Cunifer alloy offers a high resistance to corrosion. Moreover, cunifer has anti-fouling properties as well. This prevents algae and barnacles from attaching onto its surface. The combination of a 5D bend and cunifer offers you an excellent long-term solution for any offshore or maritime project. At PipingMarket.eu you can find these products readily available online in many different sizes.  

Consult a leading expert for your maritime projects

Are you looking for specialised products that are produced on demand? PipingMarket.eu offers these products readily available at their website. As a result, you can buy a 5D bend or cunifer pipes without having to wait for long production times. Are you unsure which products are the best for your project? Then consult with the experts of PipingMarket.eu. Their website has extensive product data available and you can always contact their helpdesk for additional support. They are more than happy to help with any questions that you may have.