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Underfloor Heating Cumbria

If you want to buy underfloor heating in Cumbria then you are here at the right place. On this website you will find all the necessary information  and you can get in touch with underfloor heating specialists from Cumbria. Complete the form on the contact page on the website at the bottom of this page and you will receive advice from underfloor heating specialists from Cumbria.

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Underfloor heating, what is that exactly?

If you’ve been in a house with underfloor heating in Cumbria then you will know that underfloor heating gives an unprecedented feeling of comfort. A floor with underfloor heating will not only make the floor nice and warm to touch with your feet, but also warms the room very evenly. Underfloor heating can be fitteed anywhere in your home such as your bathroom, living room and kitchen. Did you know that it is not only for comfort reasons that you have to take underfloor heating, but that underfloor heating also is a way to save energy, money and the environment?

But how does underfloor heating work? Underfloor heating is a way of heating under the floor. If you have a room using underfloor heating the floor is heated by means of electrical energy or through a hot water system. Underfloor heating is fitted throughout the whole floor surface. The advantage of this is that the room is heated in a very smooth way. Unlike for example heating with radiators, the heat from the floor is spread through the entire room. This way of heating is not only much more comfortable, but also saves energy. Because of the fact that the space is evenly warmed up, there is less energy wasted. This energy saving is, of course, good for the environment, but also for your wallet. Read more about the workings of underfloor heating?

The advantages of underfloor heating:

  • Even distribution of heat in the House
  • Low energy consumption
  • House value increases
  • Warm feet in winter

Disadvantages of underfloor heating

The disadvantage of underfloor heating in your home is that the price in the construction is relatively high in Cumbria. The heating elements are under the floor. This is labour- and therfore cost-intensive. In addition, you will face a number of restrictions. For example, you can not finish the floor with lacquer. And you can no longer use certain types of carpets. You must also keep in mind that if you want to make it work efficiently the underfloor heating, must leave at least 45% of the floor space free. Another important point is that your home must be very well insulated should you wantn to make the most of the underfloor heating.

The disadvantages of underfloor heating:

  • High investment
  • 45% of the floor area must be free
  • Additional investments (insulation)
  • Restrictions by floor coverings (bep. types of laminate)

Ready to buy underfloor heating ?

If you are considering to buy underfloor heating Cumbria, then contact the specialists from Incognito Heat Co. Incognitio is the incombant supplier of Cubrian Homes and also work together with architects in Cumbria on various individual projects. Indespite being north of the border, Incognito have extensive experience with underfloor heating in Cumbria.