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The most important tips for designing and furnishing your office environment

Good and smart office interior design seems to cost more upfront, but it is much cheaper than an under-performing or non-designed office. If you want to achieve this without a design agency or architect, please make sure you take these tips from an expert in this field, to heart.

Tip 1: Office design 2017 = Circular Design 

It does not all have to be bought new. Think ahead, it is only about purchasing costs. The trend in office interiors on the continet is very much a circular one and why not adopt that here in the UK?. This means that you can re-use your old office furniture, trade in your existing office furniture, buy second hand or revitalized. Perhaps it  might be better to rent or lease?  

Tip 2: Invest in quality

Thanks to tip 1 it is also possible to get a better quality much faster, somebody else has paid for the depreciation nafter all. Scientifically speaking, this gives more satisfaction and happiness to employees. They are often longer in their office chair than they ly in bed, so that’s got to be good? Otherwise it will only cost more money in sick leave or lower productivity and will lead to less satisfaction. The advantage of leasing/renting is that after a number of years your can switch your office interior design again for something completely new. Buying new is onbiously an option as well and if you speak to Office Furniture Glasgow, then you will be impressed with the great choice and quality available.

Tip 3: Design open and with much iicht

The modern workplace is open, flexible and with enough space and light. In doing so, employees can continuously choose a different ‘setting’. Light is of course a much overlooked advantage in the office, but it should be one of your most important considerations in the design and layout of office design. It is an important factor in Biophilic Design and can be achieved by carefully planning your office location.  Lack of daylight can have negative effects on mood and productivity, so both the workers and their employers would greatly benefit from more light. To improve the amount of natural sunlight within an Office, provide an open environment by knocking down interior walls or the use of glass partitioning.

Tip 4: Branding in your interior design 

If your workplace could just as easily be the workplace of someone from ABC Ltd, you clearly have done something wrong. Branding your office is just as important as branding your stationery. Branding should be administered in the space where everything happens. It should all be around the employees and needs to appeal to potential clients. It’s all about the message and the image should tell the same story what the company stands for.