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Take care of your eyes and the planet with sustainable sunglasses

Are you looking for a cool pair of sustainable sunglasses that do not only provide uv protection, but also look good while being made from natural material? Then do not look any further than BEINGBAR! BEINGBAR’s philosophy is making you look and feel awesome through the use of sustainable materials and production methods. Their eyewear is truly unique, but still affordable. In this way, eye protection and an eco-friendly way of living go hand in hand!

Combine your favorite pair of eyewear with other fashion accessories

BEINGBAR is not just a producer of sustainable sunglasses. Did you know they have different kinds of bracelets that are produced with their eco-friendly philosophy in mind? These hand-crafted fashion accessories provide the finishing touches to your outfit, making sure you feel and look good when going out. Just as their sustainable sunglasses, these bracelets have a distinct look that cannot be found with other brands. In addition, the accessories are very affordable while still being made from natural materials. In other words, you are kind to the planet while taking care of your own finances as well! As you can see, living in a conscious way is not difficult at all!

Do not wait any longer and order your favorite items now!

If you want to look fashionable while taking care of the planet, then order one of the sustainable sunglasses from BEINGBAR. Select the items you want to order, pay via one of the secure payment methods (which are powered by Mollie), and then the waiting game begins! If you live in the Netherlands, your order will be delivered within three working days. Other European countries, including the United Kingdom, have a delivery time of seven working days. Other worldwide destinations receive specific delivery information when ordering their sustainable sunglasses or other accessories.