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Must-see places in France

France is known worldwide for its rich history, breathtaking landscapes and cultural treasures. The country is home to countless sights worth exploring. Here are some of the best sights not to miss while visiting France.



Paris, the ‘City of Light’, is a must-see destination. The city’s iconic symbol, the Eiffel Tower, is an architectural masterpiece and offers stunning views of the entire city. A walk along the Champs-Élysées leads you to the Arc de Triomphe, an impressive monument honouring French history. Also, don’t forget to visit the magnificent Notre-Dame cathedral and the world-famous Louvre Museum, where you can admire art treasures such as the Mona Lisa.


The Provence region

Another destination not to be missed is the Provence region. Here you will find picturesque villages such as Gordes and Roussillon, with their distinctive architecture and vibrant colours. Explore the lavender fields in summer and visit the historic city of Avignon, with its impressive Palace of the Popes and the famous Avignon Bridge. Book a holiday resort with FranceComfort and experience the Provence region for yourself!


The French Riviera

A popular destination for sun-worshippers, the French Riviera offers a stunning coastline with glamorous cities such as Nice, Cannes and Saint-Tropez. Enjoy the beautiful beaches, luxury resorts like le lac bleu and lively atmosphere. Visit the principality of Monaco, where you can explore the famous Monte Carlo and the princely palace.


The Loire Valley

Known for its majestic castles, the Loire Valley is a paradise for lovers of history and architecture. Visit the magnificent Château de Chambord, with its striking French Renaissance architecture, and the elegant Château de Chenonceau, built over a river. These castles exude the grandeur of days gone by and offer a fascinating insight into French history.


Mont Blanc

For nature lovers, Mont Blanc, Western Europe’s highest point, is a breathtaking destination. Here you can enjoy spectacular alpine landscapes, with snow-capped peaks, glaciers and green valleys. The Mercantour national park in south-eastern France also offers beautiful hiking opportunities and an abundance of flora and fauna.



Finally, the famous region of Bordeaux should not be missed. This wine region is known worldwide for its excellent wines. Visit the vineyards and castles, taste delicious wines and learn more about the wine-making process. The city of Bordeaux itself also offers beautiful architecture and charming streets to explore.


In short

This is just some of the many sights France has to offer. The country is rich in diversity and each region has its own unique charm. Whether you like history, culture, nature or gastronomy, France has something for everyone. Explore this beautiful country and be enchanted by its beauty and heritage.