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Commission custom abstract art paintings

This artist, Ellen De Vylder, is located near Antwerp in the lovely country of Belgium. Her paintings are considered contemporary abstract art. So are you a lover of shapes and colours? Consider having this artist create an art piece for you or someone you know. Each and every painting she makes is unique and completely original. She offers commissioned paintings for the people that really want or need to have a say in the making of their art. Perhaps there is a special reason it needs to be a certain size or colour. Ellen will paint whatever you need her to. Moreover, she prioritizes communication with her clients. This means she will keep you in the loop during the entirety of the creative process. Additionally, you can request small changes be made to your painting. Make it completely your own thanks to this invested artist.

Share your inspiration with her through words or pictures

There is a diversity of options available to you, the client, when ordering custom paintings at Ellen De Vylder. What kind of options do you have?

  • The size of the painting is up to you.
  • Commission a painting that fits your home’s interior perfectly.
  • Commemorate a special day or feeling with certain colours.

Of course, she will always provide knowledgeable advice on whatever you are asking. Maybe the colour combination you are asking for is not ideal, she will tell you honestly and offer an alternative. Naturally if you commission a painting, you are allowed to share your own inspiration sources with her. So, if there is a story behind the painting or if you have pictures of your home, feel free to share them with Ellen. In the end it will only assure you of a better result.

Trust her artful knowledge and advice

If you are looking for a word of advice: you are free to contact her through Instagram or even email. For inspiration, we would love to refer you to her Pinterest or Instagram account. On her website you are able to take a closer look at her portfolio. Find out if her style is aligned with your expectations and then order your own custom paintings. Ellen cannot wait to hear what kind of art work you are dreaming of!