A double A battery in your office or household

A double A battery is one of those household items that you simply cannot go without. They are used for remote controls, children’s toys, alarm clocks, electrical toothbrushes and so much more. In the office, its importance is even greater. A computer mouse, wireless keyboards, webcams, and other hardware – most of it runs on the double A battery. It is therefore rather convenient to have some batteries stocked at home or at the office, so you never have to go without. 100% PeakPower helps you with this and makes sure you find batteries of high quality to stock up on!

Where can you high-quality batteries?

In the online shop of 100% PeakPower you find all different kinds of batteries, such as the double A battery, but also chargers for re-usable batteries and button cells. The double A battery is sold in different pack sizes and has an energy storage of over 5 years! The larger the pack sizes, the more profit you receive! The price per battery decreases with the size of the pack. When you buy a 4-pack, the batteries are £0.62 per battery. Then there are packs available from 20 batteries, 40 and a 100 batteries. In addition, when you place an order above £15.00 you do not have to pay for delivery.

Order new batteries to get them delivered quickly

Did you know that ordering double A batteries is super convenient? You simply order what you need and it gets delivered to your doorstep. When you place your order before 3pm, you get the batteries delivered the next day! You also get free returns if the batteries are not the correct size or if there are any other problems. Do you have any other questions about an order or would you like more information on the different kinds of batteries they have at 100% PeakPower? You can find the contact information on their website.